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                             Recloser                                                                      Ground rod clamp

                           Single Phase Distribution Recloser:                                            Ground Rod Clamp:

                           Lineman Know As:  OCR, Breaker                                               Lineman Know As:  Acorn, Wedding

                                                                                                                                 Band, Earth Spike Clamp                                                                         

Guy Wrap

Preformed Dead-End Guy Grip:

Lineman Know As:  “preform”, “guy wrap”, make-ups

Padmount transformer

Padmounted Transformer:

Lineman Know As: Clamshell


Thimble eye

     Thimble Eye Nut:


Split bolt

Split Bolt Connector:

Lineman Know As:  A Kearney, Burndy, Cervit, Line Tap

Pole eye plate

Pole eye plate:

Lineman Know As:  Monkey Face, Pin Eyed Goat Head

Wedge Clamp

              Wedge Clamp:

Lineman Know As:  Chicken Catcher, Basket, Wedge Basket

Overhead Guy Thimble Clevis.

      Overhead Guy Thimble Clevis:

Lineman Know As:  Pork Chop, Horse Collar, Sailors Asshole, Cow Cunt

Capacitor Bank           

Capacitor Bank:

Lineman Know As:  Cap Bank


Polymer Cutout:

Lineman Know As:  Cutout, Poly Cutout, Fuse Holder, Candle, Switch, Drop Out Fuse, Dominion Drop Out

Porcelain cutout

Porcelain Cutout:

Lineman Know As:  Cutout, Fuse Holder, Candle, Switch, Drop Out Fuse, Dominion Drop Out

3 phase transformer

3-Phase Transformer:

Lineman Know As:  Unipot

Guy attachment

Guy  Hook Attachment:

Lineman Know As:  Goathead, Rams Head

thimble eye bolt

Thimble Eye Bolt:


Arm mounted pin

Arm Mounted Insulator Pin:

Lineman Know As:  Saddle Clamp, Saddle Pin


Guy Pickle

Automatic Guy Wire Splice:

Lineman Know As:  A Pickle, Cigar, Auto Splice

Pole mounted transformer

Pole Mounted Distribution Transformers:

Left is: "Conventional"    Right is: "Completely Self Protected" (CSP)

Lineman Know As: Pots, Tubs, or Pigs

Dead end guy automatic

Dead-End Guy Wire Automatic:

Lineman Know As:  Strand Vice, Half Sleeves


Eye Nut

            Eye Nut

Lineman Know As:  Bad Girl, Screw Eye


Double Arming Bolts

         Double Arming Bolts

Lineman Know As:  D/A Bolts, All Thread, Threaded Rod (M12, M16, M20)

Eye Bolt

           Eye Bolt


Parallel Groove Clamp

Parallel Groove Clamp

Lineman Know As: "One bolt", or "PG", PG Clamp, Biscuit, Thumble Bolt, Bug

Guy strain

Fiberglass Guy Strain Insulator:

Lineman Know As:  "Guy Fish", or "Fish", Fiberglass Rod

Sometimes also referred to as its length in inches--such as "88"

Lightning Arrestors

Lightning Arrestors:

Lineman Know As:  "LA"

Substation Transformer

Substation Transformer


Guy Guard

Guy Wire Marker:

Lineman Know As:  Guy Guards



Shotgun Hot Stick:

Lineman Know As:  Shotgun


Universal Hot Stick

Universal Hot Stick:

Lineman Know As:  Switch Stick


Extendo Stick

Telescopic Fiberglass Hot Stick:

Lineman Know As:  Extendo Stick, Pogo Stick, Long Stick, Old Man's Stick

Dust Cover

Insulated Protective Cap:

Lineman Know As:  Dust Cap, Dust Cover


Load Break Elbow

200 Amp Load Break Elbow:

Feed Thru Bushing

Feed Thru Bushing:

Lineman Know As:  Feed Thru's, Binoculars, Bino's

House Knob

Insulated Porcelain Wire Holder:

Lineman Know As:  House Knob


2 Bolt Connector

2-Bolt Bronze Connector:

Lineman Know As:  Matthews Clamp


Single Point

1 Spool Extended Bracket:

Lineman Know As:  1 Point, Single Point Rack


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Hot Stirrup

Hot Stirrup:

Lineman Know As:  Stirrup, Basket


Copper Dead Ends

Copper Dead-Ends:

Hot Line Clamp

Hot Line Clamp:


Secondary Clevis

Insulator Clevis:

Lineman Know As:  Secondary Clevis



Lag Screws

Lag Screws:

Lineman Know As:  Lag Bolt, Hard Head


Sister Eye

Ovaleye Eyelet:

Lineman Know As:  Sister Eye, Good Girl

Aluminum Primary Deadend

Automatic Aluminum Dead-End:

Also Known As: Primary Aluminum Automatic Dead-End


Johnny Knockers

Fiberglass Secondary Sectionalizer:

Lineman Know As:  Johnny Knockers, Dog Bone


Ridge Pin

Pole Top Pin:

Lineman Know As: Ridge Pin, Ridge Iron

Solid Blade Disconnect

Chance Type M3 Disconnect Switch:

Lineman Know As:  600 Amp Solid Blade Switch, 600 Amp Underslung Switch


Pin Insulator

Polymer Pin Insulator:

Lineman Know As:  Pin Insulator

deadend insulator


Dead-end Strain Insulator:

Lineman Know As:  Dead-end Poly, Dead-end Bells


Wesco Boot

Wesco Highliner Pole Climbing Boot:

Lineman Know As: Kick Ass Climbing Boots

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guy strain insulator

Guy Strain Insulator:

Lineman Know As:  Johnny Ball


Trunnion clamp

 Trunnion Clamp (mounted to insulator):

Lineman Know As: Trunnion

Ampact Connector

Ampact Connector:

Lineman Know As: Ampact, Amp


Sqeeze On

Compression H-Tap Connector:

Lineman Know As: Squeeze On


Terminator bracket

3 Phase Terminator and Arrestor Bracket:

Lineman Know As: Alumiform Bracket


600 Amp Dead break elbow

600 Amp Dead-Break Elbow

Lineman Know As: Deadbreak Elbow



Capnut Terminations:

Lineman Know As: Potheads



Cable Terminators:

Lineman Know As: Terminators, Potheads


High voltage tester

High Voltage Tester:

Lineman Know As: Potato Masher


cable cutters

Manual Heavy Duty Cable Cutter:

Lineman Know As: Cable Cutters, Loppers


Side Cutting Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers:

Lineman Know As: Kleins