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    It has been my experience that rope in this case (unitrex) has arced and burned through thereby falling to the ground. Also, I have witnessed this phenomenon when it was occurring but it was dealt with by covering up the rope in the block with gut until the haul back could be pulled. Yes, rope is non-conductive as long as it is clean and dry. In some situations it’s obvious as to why this happened others it was not. My biggest question is, Do grounded blocks add to the problem or do they alleviate the problem. As with step and touch potential multiple grounds can actually increase the possibility/probability of step/touch potential. I would think that these same rules apply to sock line.

    So: 1) More grounded travelers or less?
    2) Has anyone else seen ropes burn through while hanging in the travelers? If so tell us the situation please?
    3) What did you do to alleviate this problem?

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